I like my region and my village...

I come from a little village (called Neuilly l'Evêque), which states near Langres in Haute-Marne (zip code : 52360), in the region called "Champagne-Ardennes".

Here is a map to help you to locate this place in France :
[map of the region

You can remark that this region is composed of the following departments :

I wish to present you this wonderful region, and particularly my village. First, here are some aerial photographs of my village, taken at different times, and other much recent images.

My village

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If you are inrested, you can also see some old postcards from Neuilly (in french). [107 ko]
You will find in this page the address of the site in which I've found these images. I recommand you this site, because it is very interesting !

Here are some unordonned characteristics about my village.
First, it is the head-village in the canton (sorry, I don't know what is the english translation). About 650 inhabitants live there, not including the animals ! A river (or maybe a stream), the Val-de-Gris, and its more little affluent (the Val-de-Clos) (I neglict the others...) go through the village. At the end of the village lies an artificial lake, the lake of Charmes, which is very pleasant in summer (but not in winter, when the temperature can go under -20C ! ). Moreover, the surroundings are very beautyful, the ambiance is very good and the place is very quiet...
What concerns the commercial subject, we have at Neuilly two bakeries, a butcher, a mini-market, two doctors and a chemist's chop. Now, we can deplore that a lot of farmers disappear. With my parents who are retired, there are just 7 farms left if I don't make any mistake (there were more than 20 twenty years earlier !). I think this is a great shame, because only very big farms stay, and for them, the result is more important than the quality of the products. Fortunately, we breed still poultry !( not 10 pounds fowls that you find in supermarket ). And don't forget the vegetable garden and all the good things we have courantly at home !
I hope not to have irritated you. You have certainly understand that the life here is very pleasant, and that I don't feel wery well to study at Paris... But we can't have everything everywhere and anywhen, that's life...

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