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First, I would like to thank Patrick very much, who allows me to show you this document...

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Last update : Septembre 2003

Hello !

My name is Olivier Martin. I'm 29 year old, and I am an engineer from the École Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles of the City of Paris, better known as ESPCI or PC. since 5 year now.
I'll try to make you discover all along a travel (that I hope is exciting and enriching) what are my interest points and who I am. You'll find below the headlines on which is conducted this document.

My homepage is organised as it follows :

The photographs of the solar eclipse on august, 11. 1999

You can on each page of this document acces to a little schema which shows the arborescence of my site, and which allows you to go directly on the desired section. Just click on the icon (tree) located at the rigth of the screen.

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